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convince people that his recovery plan is working. good monday, i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. it is labor day. happy labor day and we celebrate all of those working. >> take a look there at the washington monument. 64 degrees outside. the weather this weekend in washington, d.c., remarkable. >> it doesn't get any better than that. >> it was perfect. >> since we blame you for all of the bad weather, we're giving you props. >> welcome, craig, good to have you with us. we're starting off with a clear sky, no travel problems weatherwise. if you're planning an early exit from washington or anybody heading back home should not have any difficulties, flights should be arriving -- shouldn't have weather delays and all of the roads and streets and sidewalks are dry. only in the 50s in many locations and 63 in washington. right on the waters it's in the low to mid-60s.
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quite a chilly start on the eastern shore. it's chilly in western maryland. it's a chilly morning there this morning. in the low 40s in many locations as a large area of high pressure is over us now bringing us yet another sunny day with a royal blue sky. highs reaching the low to mid-80s today. then tomorrow it will be mostly sunny again and it's going to be hotter as we get off to work and school. upper 80s bit afternoon and we'll repeat that on wednesday, cooler thursday. ashley, how's the labor day traffic? >> good morning. diving right in with the good news of the holiday, no big problems to report. taking a look at 395 at seminary road, no big issues into town right now. you're at the posted speed limit and across the freeway lanes are open as well. elsewhere, 270 heading southbound, leaving the 109 area, we're dealing with a little volume at this hour. as you can see, not a single
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soul in sight -- there's one. no big delays and we're starting off quietly. back to you. >> that one lone vehicle. >> probably not heading to work, either. >> a reminder plan if you are riding the red line, the glenmont, forest glen and wheaton and takoma stops are closed. metro is offering free shuttle service and work is on pace to reopen the stations tomorrow morning. don't get the holiday keep you from a trip to the virginia dmv. 14 across the state will be open today. a computer glitch backed up orders almost two weeks, that meant workers could not make pictures. and certain branches will be open from 8:00 to noon today. the four in northern virginia, alexandria, fair oaks and wood bridge. you can find out more by going
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to our website. polls will open for early voting in maryland and there's already allegations of voter fraud. kimberly suiters is live in oxon hill. >> reporter: early voting was happening on friday and saturday. it resumed here at the oxon hill library. the signs almost like the in a min goes you pepper your friends' yards with on their birthdays. right now the maryland attorney general is investigating a sample ballot handed out potentially thousands of them, handed out here at the oxon hill library. it says official democratic ballot, 26 district, prince george's count tixt the problem is it's not official at all. someone, the attorney general doesn't know yet is sending out these fake 26 district ballots. the bog us pro churs says they
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represent samuel dean. let's look at the real 26th ballot. at the top it says, democrats, 2010, important voting instructions. this is the legitimate one that should go out to voters in prince george's county. that slate reports baker who told news 4, she's disgusted by the trickery. >> people die for the right to vote and tricking to voters is disgusting and wrong and it's illegal. >> reporter: now, the maryland attorney general set up a hot line on friday. you can call it today. if you've been targeted with one of these fake ballots, the number is there. 866-298. 8845. you can e-mail,
5:05 am there are two campaign workers out here. one spent the entire night here. this primary season is very hot and very disappointing to learn someone is sending out the fake ballots. the attorney general says he will get to the bottom of it. i'm kimberly suiters, news 4. early voting also continues in the district today. election officials say there is a strong turnout at many of the district's polling stations. people living in the district can register to vote on the spot before casting their ballots. >> d.c.'s word one council member, jim graham is demanding an investigation as to who sent out robocalls to his constituents. he is currently running for a fourth term. some ward one residents received two calls attacking graham's character and calling him immore ral. he says several laws have been
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broken. it is illegal because they are anonymous mass telephone calls. and they are very strict federal laws and regulations relating to identification of persons who send these calls. otherwise, you can imagine what would be happening to every election in america. you say whatever you please. no identification and walk away. both of gra ma'am's opponents have issued statements. we want to make it clear that these calls are not associated with our campaign or any known supporters. brian weaver issued a similar statement, i can see these did not come from me or my campaign or anyone affiliated with my campaign. d.c. police and the fbi are investigating. president obama will spend this labor day on the road. he is traveling to milwaukee to hold a rally. his main message getting 11 million americans back to work. the president's rally comes after the job report showed the
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unemployment rate crept to 9%. the president is also urging congress to approve $100 billion in tax breaks for small businesses. >> the bottom line is small businesses are the engine of growth. government doesn't create the jobs. all we do is train people for the jobs. >> today -- >> president obama will hold a rare news conference at the white house this week where jobs will likely be the number one issue. the time is 5:07. still ahead on this labor day, unfortunate start to the school year. some university of maryland students are being beaten and robbed in what they are calling crime time. new efforts to fix the oil leak at the bottom of the gulf. the steps bp is taking to end the spill once and for all. if you plan on spending any portion of this labor d
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here's another heartbreaker, today is the last day for soaking up the rays at many of d.c.'s pools. five pools will officially shut their doors for the season today. many of the outdoor pools closed two weeks ago. for those who can't seem to stay away from the water, the francis pool will be open.
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>> you still have time left to splash around. >> today would be a nice day to splash around. >> by the afternoon. with the air so dry, you come out of the water and it feels a little chilly. we ought to exceed 80 this afternoon. i'm tom kierein. we've got a clear sky off to the start of this labor day. off and running, we don't have any travel problems weatherwise but it's cool. only in the 50s in many of the rural areas and in the shenandoah valley, upper 40s to near 50. near 60 in the nearby suburbs around the beltway in washington now. and mid-60s near the bay. mountains only in the 40s now. lots of sun and a blue sky and tomorrow we get back to work and school and should heat up into the upper 80s by noon after a cool start tomorrow morning. mostly sunny and partly cloudy on wednesday and warm again into the upper 80s to near 90.
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cooling down into the 50 raes on thursday morning. thursday sunny and into the 70s during the afternoon, a look at friday and the weekend in ten minutes. starting you off as we should on this early holiday morning. very quietly. 95 northbound no problems through woodbridge or heading out of town late, no problems to report as well. as we continue to the capital beltway, we're in great shape coming back from the eastern shore, lanes are open. here's the pace towards the chesapeake bay bridge, all lanes are open. craig and eun, back to you. >> ashley linder, thanks. 5:12 is your time, 63 degrees. students attacked. police are investigating a crime spree at the university of maryland. who is being targeted and who may be responsible? he became a working man's hero overnight. the jetblue flight attendant could be hitting the
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♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. here's a look at the top stories we're following this morning. polls will open for early voting in prince george's and montgomery county. in one county there's already
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allegations of voter fraud. someone is trying to intentionally mislead voters in prince george's county by sending out fake 26 district ballots, there's no word on how many fake ballots were mailed out and passed out. 14 virginia dmv offices will be open this weekend. they couldn't get i.d. cards because of a computer glitch. dmv extended hours to help with the backlog now. northern virginia locations open today include alexandria, fair oaks and leesburg and woodbridge. plan ahead if you are riding metro's red line. the glenmont and wheaton, forest glen and takoma stations are closed for track work. the transit agency says work is on pace to reopen the closed metro stations tomorrow morning. as the bars let out in college park and students make their way home, some are being attacked and robbed and even
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beaten. police are looking into potential connections between the attacks. tracee wilkins has more on the possible band of robbers. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. it appears tlb robbers who are targeting university of maryland students thinking these folks are ways to get quick cash. police are saying they want the students to try to protect themselves. university of maryland student was attacked by a group of four males 2:00 a.m. saturday morning the past weekend. the robbers beat him and took money out of his wallet just blocks from campus. last weekend three students were attacked and robbed while waiting for a campus shuttle. police say this is all becoming a trend. >> since school has started back at the university of maryland we had four incidents where victims have been robbed, either in late evening hours or early morning
5:17 am
hours. in each the cases we haven't had definitive information that links them all together yet. >> reporter: now, these signs are posted all over the university of maryland talking about what they are calling crime time, 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. they are telling students to be aware of their environment and walk in groups to plan their walks and try to stay out of the streets from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. that is the target time these robbers are using to get to the students. they say if you help them with that much, you can help alleviate the issues they've been having here in college park. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. a prince george's county construction worker is recovering after being buried alive outside an apartment building in district heights. officials believe vibrations from a backhoe caused dirt to collapse on him. men working with him were able to dig him out up to his waist. it then took rescuers another
5:18 am
two hours to free him completely. the extent of his injuries are not known. federal investigators can now inspect the blowout preventer at the cause of oil spill. they carefully raised the 300 ton piece of evidence from the ocean floor. ann thompson was on board the ship and has more from the gulf coast. >> reporter: it emerged slowly from the gulf of mexico, a 1 million pound metal sea creature pulled up as the sunset rose on the biggest oil spill in history. once again hydrates, the crystals that foiled several attempts to cap the well created trouble. marvin morrison is the site leader. >> the high drats as they come up they melt and gas off. as it's coming to surface, we have to make sure that we're
5:19 am
taking all of the safety precautions necessary so that gas is contained and held and let off properly. >> reporter: the giant tower hoisted the structure through the center of the vessel. hanging in the dark, the emergency brake that failed the night of april 20th, when the deepwater horizon rig exploded in flames. now it's a 50-foot tall piece of evidence that may yield clues as to why the disaster happened. there is one last mission, to forever seal the well from the bottom with the relief well. incident demander thad allen will give the permission to finish the job. >> the pressure is basically to get the job done and get it over with and get on. >> reporter: do you feel that too, do you feel the pressure? >> i'm not sure i call it pressure. for me it's a huge accountability piece. there's an expectation by the american public the problem will get solved.
5:20 am
>> reporter: this weekend he says a threat from another leak is gone, but not the memory of men who died working on the well, including blair manual. >> i think of their families and each of every one of them, even blair. these guys deserve this. we need to find out not only for them and their memories but for the industry i know they would want it no other way. >> reporter: ann thompson, nbc news. >> fbi agents who monitor the rise from the ocean floor will escort it to a nasa facility in louisiana for analysis. flight attendant stephen slater's dramatic exit from an airplane was his last. they announced slater no longer works for the company. he gained national attention after hitting the plane's emergency chute and sliding out with two beers in hand. he said he got frustrated after a passenger hit him with luggage
5:21 am
and refused to apologize. now slater faces criminal charges, including criminal mischief and reckless endafrpgerment. >> the worst blow hurricane earl dealt was to businesses in new england. the once powerful category 4 hurricane only grazed much of the eastern seaboard but caused many to rethink their travel plans. earl is however blamed for a death in nova scotia where the storm brought hurricane-force winds and driving rain forecasters are turning their attention to the gulf of mexico where a tropical depression is forming. it could become tropical storm hermine later today. it is bringing heavy rains and possible flooding to northeastern mexico and southern texas. >> what are we looking at for labor day? >> breaking news, we now have hermine. >> the last ten minutes.
5:22 am
>> it was named a tropical storm. and it has developed rather quickly overnight. should be moving in south texas in the next couple of days remaining a tropical storm. details coming up. this labor day off to a cool and comfortable start this morning. if you slept with the windows open, you probably need a blanket. only in the 50s in the suburbs and rural areas. and many locations in the mountains, it's only in the 40s this morning near the bay low 60s. eastern shore in the 50s. just spectacular weather. bright sunshine and royal blue sky and then tomorrow, it's going to heat up as we get back to work and school. upper 80s this the afternoon. near 90 on wednesday. here's a look at friday and the weekend. needed rain saturday and sunday. ashley, how's the traffic now? >> good morning, well, it's still quiet out there. we have the red line issue which which is going to be shut down between takoma park and silver
5:23 am
spring. they have shuttle buses throughout that area. do add 40 min touutes to your commute. a little bit of volume towards the screen, the drivers heading back towards the capitol beltway. speaking of the beltway, very quiet, a couple of cars. look we found a daisabled vehicle. do proceed with caution that's about it as far as beltway issues around town. 5:23, coming up, after a long fight with lawmakers, craigslist removed the controversial adult services page, but will it stay that way? >> he's got his hair, his talent, his smile. his eyes -- yeah, everything. >> no we are not talking about craig melvin. thousands of people are recovering from beaver fever this morning, details about the
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how do you have such good looks? >> i asked him to mary me. >> give them my number. >> oh, my goodness. could it be anything else? >> my mom would say, those girls are fast. >> look how young they are with beaver fever. last night justin bieber told us
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what they would have if they had a chance to talk to the tween star. fans stood in line for hours to get a wrist band for an up close seat. his presence inspired one farm at the cow. his cow had a baby at the state fair of course, he name it justin. >> do you think the car will grow up --? >> why don't we have a picture of that cow? >> poor calf. all right. >> from that cow to this. mikhail salahi, known as the white house party crasher is reportedly taking it all off for "playboy." according to tmz the shoot will take place later this month. the real housewife is auctioning off the red and gold style dress she wore to the state dinner last year with her husband tareq.
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it is estimated to go for at least 2,000 bucks. 80% of the proceeds will go to the clinton bush haiti fund. national champion of a chicken wing eating contest. sonia thomas, known as the black widow won the competition at the national buffalo wing festival in new york on saturday. she devoured nearly 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes. she beat this guy, joey chestnut. >> jaws. >> he took on these two teams buy himself. chestnut eight three pounds of wings but finished second. >> look at the guy right there who does not appear to be in the contest at all. >> just enjoying the wings. he signed up to eat free wings. >> this guy in the pink is hanging out. >> have you ever seen the black widow. she weigh 90 pounds soaking wet.
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>> you could beat her with training. >> you know i can eat. >> yes. >> it is a secret. >> just told -- thank you very much, craig. it is now 5:29. 63 degrees. president obama will mark labor day by talking about employment. still ahead, how he plans to convince americans that his recovery plan is working. you might want to spend the holiday shopping for a brand-new car. why today is the day to get a real deal.
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labor day, it is a time to honor workers, but this year many people are not doing that. how president obama plans to convince everyone that the job market is turning around. problems at the polls, early voting just got under way in maryland and already there are allegations of voter fraud. who may be trying to mislead voters. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. let's go outside and take a look. there it is, the washington monument on this labor day. a gorgeous morning. >> i love it, the crisp air, it feels so nice and we have such a gorgeous weekend. this is my favorite time of the year. >> and college football is back,
5:33 am
navy and maryland playing this afternoon. >> virginia tech tonight at fedex. >> going to be huge for our region. fans will be putting into fedex field. good morning, i'm tom kierein, it's only in the 50s many of the region. look at martins burg, west virginia, down to 48. blue ridge to the bay, most locations in the 50s, 63 in washington. 50s eastern shore. 40s western maryland and we do have a clear sky this morning thanks to high pressure over us. we do have a new tropical storm in the southwestern gulf. hermine will be moving into texas as a tropical storm with heavy rain. we'll have a sunny labor day, back to work and school tomorrow heating up and dry week ahead. ashley, how's traffic? >> good morning, we're starting off with a lonely issue. as you can see on the inner loop of the beltway new york city big
5:34 am
delay but police cruisers are on the scene with disabled vehicle blocking the left side of the roadway. no trouble getting beyond that. taking a look at 95 out of virginia, all is quiet and in great shape leaving quantico. wide open towards the capitol beltway. that good news continues, no big issues. we have the red line going to be affected along metro rail, shut down between takoma and silver spring. add about 40 minutes to your commute to get through that area. >> ashley, thank you. >> america is marking this labor day with many out of work. today president obama is taking his economic message on the road, part of a weeklong effort to convince unemployed americans that he's trying to get them a paycheck. tracie potts joining us.
5:35 am
>> reporter: even here in the capitol hill region with it is significantly less than the national average, people are out of jobs of the and the message delivered by the president on this labor day will be, hang on. >> reporter: this afternoon, president obama spends labor day with union workers in milwaukee. union leaders say what's been a day of celebration has been a day of frustration for many. >> 11 million people out of work. i have less to be thankful for. those on wall street are doing quite well. >> reporter: unemployment creeped up to 9.6% on friday. jobs are being created, but not nearly fast enough to employ the millions left jobless in this recession. today and in cleveland wednesday, the president will talk about the slow recovery and urge congress to approve 100 billion in tax breaks for small business. >> that's what the bottom line is. small businesses are the engine of growth.
5:36 am
government doesn't create jobs. all we do is help train people for those jobs. >> reporter: the unemployment rate could have a big impact on november's elections. democrats are fighting to maintain control, hammered by republicans who blame them for joblessness in america. >> that was tracie potts reporting from capitol hill. polls will reopen for early voting in maryland and there's already allegations of voter fraud in prince george's county. kimberly suiters is live in oxon hill with more. >> reporter: good morning, eun. this is a concern if you've ever participated in a political campaign, on any level, there's so much blood and sweat and tears and dedication into it. take the two campaign workers over here bundled up in blankets. they spent the night out here for a local campaign for county council. this is the problem. let's look first at the fake sample pal ballot that's been
5:37 am
sent out. it says official at the top, it's anything but. the bogus bro chur says it represents samuel dean, they are legitimate candidates but they are not on the official slate of the democratic party for this county. let's take a look now at the official sample ballot. it should say that team 26 is supporting rashern baker and that's what the official ballot should look like. thousands of the fake ones were handed out to voters right before they stepped into the ballot box. and cast their votes. we talked to one of the candidates, she is simply disgusted by what's happened. >> people died for the right to vote is the first thought that i had. and tricking voters is to me s disgusting and immoral and wrong
5:38 am
and illegal. >> reporter: they did set up a hot line on friday. you can call it today if you've been the target of these fake sample ballots. 866-298-8245. you can also e-mail your concerns. early voting does continue today. the people that were handing out those fake broe churs have been stopped and asked not to do it any more. the investigation continues into who printed them, who sent them out. unfortunately, we may not have that answer until after the election. kimberly suiters, news 4. early voting also continues in the district today. election officials say there is a strong turnout at many of the district's polling station. people can register to vote on the spot before casting their ballots. time now is 5:38. craigslist changes coming up. the controversial adult services section has been blocked.
5:39 am
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i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪ early on this labor day morning, time for weather and traffic. good morning, i'm tom kierein, we have a clear sky and cool
5:42 am
start to this labor day morning. it's now near 50 around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley and from the blue ridge to the bay, generally in the 50s. low 60s in washington and near the waters. mountains in the 40s, low to mid 80s and bright sun today and a blue sky. tomorrow we get back to work and school with highs in the upper 80s. partly cloudy on wednesday near 90. nen a bit cooler on thursday, mostly sunny, highs in the upper 70s to near 80. a new tropical storm in the gulf of mexico, latest on that in ten minutes. >> we have a disabled vehicle on the inner loop of the capitol beltway beyond the american legion bridge. police are aware of the situation but there he sits along the left side. as you can see, not a big trouble spot for drivers. elsewhere around the region, if you're taking the 14th street
5:43 am
bridge to and across making it into the city along the freeway lanes are open and you're in great shape towards the anacostia river. dulles toll road, all get clean bills of health. back to you. ashley linder on this labor day. still ahead, university of maryland students attacked and robbed after dark. it's happened more than once and now police are trying to figure out who's responsible. recovering from hurricane earl. it wasn't as bad as expected but now another storm could be in the works. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india,
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the glenmont, forest glen and silver spring and takoma stations are closed for track work. the agency says work is on pace to reopen the closed metro stations tomorrow morning. 14 virginia dmv offices will
5:46 am
be open on this labor day. customers could not get new driver's license and i.d. cards for nearly two weeks because of a computer glitch. they extended hours at certain branches to help with the backlog. the leesburg and woodbridge locations will be open from 8:00 a.m. until noon. the economy will be president obama's main message as he travels to milwaukee for a rally. he was focusing his efforts on restoring jobs after friday's job report shows the rate sits at 9.6%. they are urging congress to approve $100 billion in tax breaks for small businesses. d.c. police are investigating a triple shooting that left three people, including two teens in the hospital. a large crowd was gathered around 53rd street when they heard gunshots, two teenage girls were hit along with a man.
5:47 am
so far no arrests. firefighters are still trying to figure out what sparked a house fire in northeast washington. it started early yesterday morning at the moem on minnesota avenue. you can see a huge orange ball of flame. crews say there it is right now. crews say this fire was so intense the roof and porch collapsed. the home is a total loss. the homeowners were on vacation even no one was hurt. attacked, robbed and beaten. it's happening to university of maryland students as they walk home early in the morning. now police are looking for some connections between the attacks. tracee wilkins is joining us this morning live from college park with robberies happening right at the start of the school year. >> reporter: absolutely, craig. this is what we know so far, there are some robbers out here looking at university of maryland students as a great way to get quick cash. they are getting the money violently. this is apparent as police are continuing their investigation.
5:48 am
a university of maryland student was attacked by a group of four men walking just blocks from the college park campus. it happened 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. the robbers took money out of the student's wallet and left him injured, the victims are students. >> since school has started back at the university of maryland we had four incidents where victims have been robbed. either in the late evening hours or early morning hours. in each of these cases we haven't had definitive information that links them all together yet. >> reporter: police are warning maryland students they are most likely to become victims during a two-hour span they are calling crime time, 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. >> it is better to travel in pairs. that way if something does happen, you have two sets of eyes as a witness to help us identify potential suspects. >> reporter: last weekend three students attacked and one robbed
5:49 am
while waiting for a campus shuttle. many students are beginning to take precaution. >> we do take precautions, i live with one other guy and three girls, so we have to be more careful because we have girls in the house. we're really careful about locking up the doors. >> reporter: these are the signs they have posted around the university of maryland, from 2:00 to 4:00, what they are calling crime time. they also have tips, stay in lit areas, make sure you're walking in a group. plan your walk, et cetera. there are also asking students if you are the victim of one of these robberies, to make sure you call them immediately so they can come and canvas the area and look for suspects. in the last attack, police say it took that man 12 hours to report what had happened to him. tracee wilkins live in college park, back to you. get ready for the biggest game of the weekend. it's this afternoon for maryland fans anyway. the terps are taking on the mid
5:50 am
shipmen of the navy. virginia tech is in one of the most anticipated match-ups, the biggest nonbcs power house in the country tonight at fedex field at 8:00 p.m. got to get this in, go terps. >> i saw it coming. a $21 million bonus, one of highest paid players if football and now not even a starting. according to a report by "washington post," albert haynesworth is unlikely to start in the season opener. two sources in the report describe haynesworth's final preseason game performance is quote, awful. they say he failed to follow the 3-4 defensive scheme and the coach has lost patient with him. redskins can expect to see donovan mcnabb under center for
5:51 am
the season opener. he was not able to practice because of a high ankle sprain. he feels very good about mcnabb's status and he can begin practicing sometime this week. as east coat enjoys a beautiful holiday weekend, the worst case hurricane earl dealt was to new england. it caused many travelers to rethink their travel plabz. heavy winds and rains dumped on north carolina and massachusetts but caused relatively little damage. earl is blamed for a death in nova scotia where the storm brought hurricane-force winds and driving rain. forecasters are now turning their attention to the gulf of mexico where tropical storm hermine is strengthening. heavy rains and flooding are expected in that area. >> hermine seems to have formed quickly as well, tom? >> it did and gained strength
5:52 am
overnight. the gulf waters are very warm there. any kind of disturbance will get a tropical system going. and i'll show you the latest in just a second. right now we've got a beautiful start to this labor day. great football weather for the terps, we should have had the navy logo over your shoulder too, eun. >> it is well known. >> you've got to be balanced. >> and the hokeys and boise state. craig is going to paint fedex blue. it's going to be a great game too. at reagan national airport, the temperature is at 63, so far this summer, it goes down in the record books as the hottest on record in washington. as we look at temperatures, it's only in the 50s, quite a cool start. feeling like great football weather. temperatures around the bay and at the eastern shore near the waters in the 60s. away from the waters only in the
5:53 am
50s and mountains only in the 40s, we've got a clear sky thanks to high pressure moving over the region. here is hermine in the gulf of mexico. these are the latest statistics, it has winds of 45 miles per hour. it does appear it will track off to the north and northwest clipping south texas perhaps on tuesday with very heavy rain. for us, we will have temperatures reaching low to mid 80s with bright sun and a gorgeous labor day and clear night to follow. and then durng the day on tuesday, sunny and upper 80s. cooler on thursday and end of the week should be dry on friday. the weekend needed rain is possible. ashley, how's the traffic? >> good morning, we had a little accident on 95 heading southbound in lor done, just a minor fender bender. here's the pace on 95. no problems to guest past that minor issue and northbound traffic the headlights are
5:54 am
trickling along towards 395. the center of the screen is hov. still dealing with our disabled vehicle on the inner loop on the left side. but no big problems as we continue our commute. here's the pace as you travel around through bethesda, quiet through silver spring. no problems through college park as well. eun and craig, back to you. you may want to make plans to go car shopping. labor day is when dealerships try to clear out current year models to make room for knewer models. it all depends on what kind of car you buy and your credit. craigslist users may notice something is missing from the popular website. >> it is a controversial adult services page. nbc's jeff rossen reports on the major change that law enforcement officials have been asking for. >> reporter: nestled among the
5:55 am
ads for real estate and and teeks and jobs, the other side of craigslist, the adult services section, including in some cases thinly veiled offers of prostitution. suddenly over the weekend, the adult services link was removed and replaced with this. censored, a little black box that leads you nowhere. >> we are thankful that craigslist has shut down its adult services section and we believe that that act lessens the suffering of so many girls being sold for sex. >> reporter: the website operates around the world but the link is only blocked in the u.s. craigslist wont say if this is permanent, temporary or simply a message to its critics of which there are many. attorney generals in 17 states wrote a rer demanding their remove the section. >> craigslist is operating an online red light district as obvious and plain view as times square was back in the 1970s or
5:56 am
'80s. >> reporter: it came under heavy scrutiny last year after the arrest of phillip markoff. police say he attacked women who posted adult ads on craigslist. he was charged with murdering one of them. brisman. markoff later killed himself in jail. craigslist vowed to crack down on sex ads. earlier this year, our nbc news hidden camera investigation found many women on craigslist offering prostitution. >> craigslist has to be held accountable. it is making tens of millions of dollars from these kibds of ads which is outrageous rpts a new report found they make millions on the ads, $36 million this year alone, triple what it made last year. >> i do hope that this has been shut down and is not a game of semantics. >> reporter: jeff rossen, nbc news, new york. it is 5:56. still ahead, it looks real but
5:57 am
it's not, the bogus ballot being sent out to voters. a new look at the white house includes and embarrassing mistake.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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